For example in a speech on the need for health care

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Unformatted text preview: in again if it is to retain the White House. But it only affects a few thousand jobs on the so-called "Space Coast," in Brevard and Volusia counties, near Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center. Despite the layoffs coming with the end of the Shuttle, the new policy will also create many new jobs, and ones less dependent on NASA budget levels, as new commercial markets start to be serviced by the new generation of space companies. In addition, even with the space jobs factor, Florida voters will remain much more concerned about the state of the economy, the housing crisis, and (for all the seniors there) Medicare. So don't expect a repeat of last night's surprise in future debates -- it was probably just a personal interest of the particular reporter who asked the question. Just in case, though, the other candidates, and particularly Rep. Michelle Bachmann, (R-Minn.), might want to get up to speed with Newt on the issue, by talking to the Tea Party in Space and my own organization, the Competitive Space Task Force. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 237 Mercury Politics Link Turn – Winners Win (1/3) Winners win – plan is a legislative victory Mead, Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow for U.S. foreign policy, 6-20-11 [Walter Russell, Business Insider, “Here's How Obama Can Save His Presidency,”, accessed 7-3-11] Americans are realistic enough to understand that the breakdown of the blue social model is a messy process and that perhaps no president can deliver a pain free transition to the next stage. But what they aren’t hearing from President Obama is a compelling description of what has gone wrong, how it can be fixed, and how the policies he proposes will take us to the next level. What they hear from this administration are defensive responses: Hooveresque calls for patience mingled with strange-sounding attacks on ATMs and sharp, opportunistic jabs at former President Bush. The White House has responded to strategic challenges at home and abroad with tactical maneuvers. Voters sense that we live in historic times that demand leadership of a different kind. What does President Obama think about the fiscal squeeze forcing trade-offs between state employee benefits and services to the poor? How much trouble is the American middle class in — and what changes are needed to save it? The President of the United States has to own this conversation. His vision, his initiatives must dominate the political scene. His opponents may fight him and defeat his proposals in Congress — that is not the worst thing that can happen. Harry Truman did very well running against a ‘do-nothing’ Congress in 1948. At a time of historic anxiety and tension like the present, the President of the United States cannot be an administrator, a fence-sitter, a finger-pointer. He must first and foremost stand for something — and he must be able to make that something resonate with the voters. The President’s job is to lead. The longer the P...
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