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Unformatted text preview: ated periodic Academy reviews of the NASA aeronautics program and directed that they include independent estimates of the cost and technical readiness of each mission assessed.57 As noted above with respect to its decadal surveys of NASA science, while the National Academies are widely respected for their scientific expertise, it is unclear whether their analysis of cost and technical readiness will be considered equally authoritative. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 112 Mercury Politics Aeronautics – Triggers Debate (2/2) Congress employs significant oversight over NASA aeronautics expenditures Morgan, Congressional Research Service spet in science and technology policy, 7-8-10 [Daniel, Congressional Research Service, “The Future of NASA: Space Policy Issues Facing Congress”, p. 15,, accessed 6-20-11, AFB] The aeronautics program’s heavy use of shared facilities and capabilities, such as wind tunnels and supercomputers, has sometimes created challenges. For example, when NASA introduced full-cost accounting in the FY2004 budget request, the stated cost of the aeronautics program increased significantly because facility costs had previously been budgeted in another account. At least partly in response to these concerns, NASA subsequently established a separate Aeronautics Test Program in the aeronautics directorate and a Strategic Capabilities Assets Program outside the directorate. It has also sometimes been difficult for NASA to balance its stewardship of unique aeronautics facilities, often used by other agencies and by industry as well as by NASA itself, against the cost of maintaining those facilities. In 2005, Congress directed NASA to establish a separate account to fund aeronautics test facilities, to charge users of NASA test facilities at a rate competitive with alternative facilities, and not to implement a policy seeking full cost recovery for a facility without giving 30 days’ notice to Congress.58 To accompany the national aeronautics R&D plan, the Aeronautics Science and Technology Subcommittee of the NSTC is developing a national aeronautics research, development, test, and evaluation infrastructure plan. This infrastructure plan is scheduled for completion by the end of 2010 and will be updated on a two-year cycle between the biennial updates from the aeronautics R&D plan.59 Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 113 Mercury Politics ***Links – Human & Robotic Exploration Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 114 Mercury Politics Human Exploration – Unpopular – No Political Consensus (1/2) NASA Spaceflight programs generate huge controversy, saps capital Spotts, Christian Science Monitor, 10 (Pete – Staff Writer, Congressional tug-of-war holds NASA's new direction in the balance, Christian Science Monitor, Lexis) AC Not since the end of the Apollo program has the country's human-spaceflight program faced such a profound turning point, this time with little consensus on a new direction. That accounts for the unusual, highly public tug-of-war over a new direction fo...
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