It would bolster stepped up us efforts to respond to

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Unformatted text preview: ommittee, told Yonhap News Agency over the phone. "We have no option but to ratify it if the deal is submitted to the U.S. Congress for passage early next month," the GNP lawmaker said. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 31 Mercury Politics Impact – SKFTA Good – Regional Power Projection The deal would cement America’s role as a regional power US State Department Press Release, The Scoop, 6/29/11 (Transcription of a speech between Clinton and Foreign Prime Minister Kim Sung-Hwan, 29 June 2011, “Remarks With South Korean Foreign Minister Kim Sung-Hwan”,, 7.6.11, SWolff) […] Today, we spoke about Korea’s plans to host the next Nuclear Security Summit in 2012. We spoke about our cooperation in Afghanistan, where Korea has deployed a Provincial Reconstruction Team and is supporting the training of the Afghan security forces, and so much else. Because our relationship, which is essential, is more than just the challenges we face. We have opportunities that we are seizing together. First, we are both committed to passing and implementing the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement. The trade agreement will create tens of thousands of new jobs in both our countries, and it will send a powerful message that the United States and the Republic of Korea are strategic partners for the long term, and that America is fully embracing our continuing role as a Pacific power. Second, as we have just witnessed, the United States and Korea are partners in development as well. It has been inspiring to watch Korea’s rise within my own lifetime. I have commented on that several – on several occasions, including just yesterday. This was a poor, war-torn country that has risen to become the world’s 12th largest economy and a very vibrant, effective democracy. We applaud Korea’s pledge to triple its development budget by 2015 and its leadership in hosting the fourth High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness. Korea approaches development with a unique credibility, as one of the great success stories of the 20th century, and we were delighted to sign the Development Assistance MOU today and to partner with Korea as it has moved from being an aid recipient to an important donor nation. So this is an exciting moment in one of our most dynamic and important relationships, and the Republic of Korea is an exemplary country fulfilling its responsibilities at home and abroad, and also an exemplary friend. So I thank the foreign minister for this visit, and I look forward to seeing him again next month at the ASEAN Regional Forum. Thank you, sir. […] Deal bolsters US regional power Gerwin, Third Way Senior Fellow for Trade and Global Economic Policy, 10 (Edward F., 12-16-10, Wall Street Journal, “Guest Contribution: 5 Reasons America Needs Korea Free Trade Deal”, , accessed 7-3-11] 5. China is Not a Fan. The Korea FTA would solidify America’s strategic relationship with South Korea, a key ally. It would bolster stepped-up U.S. efforts to respond to an increasingly assertive China...
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