Just saying tea party strikes fear in many

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Unformatted text preview: demonstrate that several of these propositions are wrong comes with the territory. That is how science progresses. But the reality is that there was almost nothing of a propositional nature prior to Neustadt. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 242 Mercury Politics Internal Link Turn – Political Capital Backfires Political capital is false – Obama’s accomplishments set him back Jacobson, Distinguished UCSD Professor of Politics, 2011 (Gary, “Legislative Success and Political Failure: The Public's Reaction to Barack Obama's Early Presidency.” Presidential Studies Quarterly, Vol. 41, 3-17, 220-243, accessed 7/8/11, GJV) The idea that a president's legislative and political success go hand in hand is starkly contradicted by the first two years of Barack Obama's presidency. With the help of Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, Obama pushed through a huge economic stimulus package targeting the deep recession he had inherited, initiated comprehensive reforms of the nation's health care system, and signed a major redesign of financial regulation aimed at preventing a repeat of the financial meltdown that had made the recession so severe. These legislative achievements made the 111th Congress among the most productive in many years, and they were fully consistent with promises Obama made during his successful campaign for the White House. Obama also kept his campaign pledge to wind down the United States' involvement in Iraq and to reallocate American forces to confront the resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan. In short, Obama had done what he might reasonably believe he was elected to do. His reward was to see his Democratic Party suffer a crushing defeat in the 2010 midterm elections, with Republicans gaining 64 House seats to win their largest majority (242193) since 1946, and six Senate seats, putting them within easy striking distance of a majority in that chamber in 2012. (1) Not only did the president and his party reap no political benefit from their legislative accomplishments, they were evidently punished for them. The congressional Republicans' strategy of all-out opposition, adopted not long after Obama took office, turned out to be remarkably successful, delivering a stunning setback to a majority party that had won a sweeping victory just two years earlier. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 243 Mercury Politics Uniqueness Answer – Tea Party – Not Unified with GOP – Bashing Boehner The Tea Party hates Boehner – caves into Democrats Geier, reporter, Columbus Dispatch, 7-2-11 (Ben, “GOP takes lumps at conference” The Columbus Dispatch, July 2, 2011, , accessed July 6, 2011, EJONES) It's no surprise to hear members of the tea party movement railing against liberals, progressives and especially President Barack Obama. But to hear them go after the Republican Party and House Speaker John Boehner is a bit more surprising. That's exactly what people at the We the People Co...
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