On the korean peninsula itself key population centres

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Unformatted text preview: through." He added that "it will all hinge upon" how committed the Obama administration is to winning ratification. "If they are, they are going to do all that they can to convince fellow Democrats to get on board," he said. Lee hoisted himself from an impoverished childhood to become a construction tycoon. (As a businessman two decades ago, he oversaw the renovation of the presidential mansion he moved into two years ago; he now regrets the imposing but energy-inefficient high ceilings, aides told me.) Along the way he earned the sobriquet "Bulldozer"; he is slender and soft-spoken but straightforward. If anything, though, Lee is too restrained, too polite, to point out how short-sighted the United States would be to slight Korea. With U.S. protection and support, South Korea has transformed itself from a Third World military dictatorship to a prosperous democracy that wants to cooperate with the United States in Haiti, Afghanistan and beyond. Would the United States really allow narrow-interest politics to limit such an opportunity? Lee told me he is confident that the United States, with its "entrepreneur spirit" and pioneering science, will bounce back from recession (as Korea, with 3.6 percent unemployment, already has). But he worries, he said, that in the process the United States may waver from its commitment to free trade. "And it must remain a beacon of free trade to be able to lead other countries around the world in other aspects as well," he said. "The benefits reaped from protectionism are very short-term, but the leadership role that you have, the status and prestige of the U.S., in that regard, are timeless." Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 18 Mercury Politics 1NC Shell – SKFTA Good (4/4) Asian instability triggers massive impacts – nuclear escalation, climate chaos, global agriculture, the economy, & causes prolif Hamel-Green, Victory University Executive Dean, & Hayes, Nautilus Institute Executive Director, 10 [Peter & Michael, 1-5-10, “The Path Not Taken, the Way Still Open: Denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia”, 1-5-10, , accessed 7-1-11] The consequences of failing to address the proliferation threat posed by the North Korea developments, and related political and economic issues, are serious, not only for the Northeast Asian region but for the whole international community. At worst, there is the possibility of nuclear attack1, whether by intention, miscalculation, or merely accident, leading to the resumption of Korean War hostilities. On the Korean Peninsula itself, key population centres are well within short or medium range missiles. The whole of Japan is likely to come within North Korean missile range. Pyongyang has a population of over 2 million, Seoul (close to the North Korean border) 11 million, and Tokyo over 20 million. Even a limited nuclear exchange would result in a holocaust of unprecedented proportions. But the catastrophe within the region would not be the only outcome. New research indicates that even a limited nuclear war in the region would re...
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