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Unformatted text preview: he Tennessee Valley Authority had done during the Great Depression. NASA opened centers of high-technology jobs in Florida, Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and, of course, Johnson’s home state of Texas. (Historian James C. Bennett has pithily described the space program as a “Marshall Plan for the Confederacy.”) There is no “natural” location, for instance, for a mission control center — but when Rice University offered up the land for such a facility in Johnson’s home state, it became a done deal, and soon Houston’s Johnson Space Center (as it is now known) was born. Republicans will backlash against the plan – they distrust Obama space policy Whittington, Yahoo News, 11 (Mark, 5/8/11, Yahoo News, “White House and Congress Clash Over NASA Funding, Space Cooperation with China” _cooperation_with_china , accessed 6-29-11) The distrust Congress holds toward the administration where it comes to space policy is palatable. Members of Congress have expressed the view that NASA is slow walking the heavy lift launcher. Many are also pretty sure that the White House is trying to circumnavigate the law and is trying to find ways to cooperate with China despite the law. All of this points to the very real possibility that congress will use the power of the purse to restrict White House space policy options and to impose its own will on the future direction of NASA and space exploration. That this clash is happening at all is a direct result of a series of political blunders made by the administration dating back to the cancellation of the Constellation space exploration program and a lack of leadership on the part of the president. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 71 Mercury Politics NASA Funding – Unpopular – GOP (3/3) NASA funding not popular – GOP wants cuts Roop, Hunstville Times, 11 [Lee, 2-15-11, Huntsville Times, “NASA gets level funding in President Obama’s budget, but Congress gets last word”,, accessed 6-27-11] With lawmakers in Washington revving up to cut federal spending next year, President Barack Obama showed his support for NASA Monday by proposing an $18.7 billion 2012 budget for the space agency, the same as this year. "It is a good budget for NASA and for Marshall Space Flight Center," Marshall Director Robert Lightfoot said in Huntsville. But it might not be good enough for Republicans in the House determined to cut government spending to 2008 levels to lower a ballooning federal deficit. That would mean $17.3 billion for NASA next year. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 72 Mercury Politics NASA Funding – Unpopular – Congress NASA is facing bipartisan pressure to cut its budget Roop, Huntsville Times 2/20/11 (Lee – Staff Writer, NASA has goal, needs new budget, Lexis) AC NASA's budget is like the rest of the federal government these days - under pressure to drop - but this year supporters say there is at least broad agreement...
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