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Unformatted text preview: ot; This platform gives the Administration, Congress, and federal candidates guidance on economic policy, technology development, and legislative priorities to help advance America's leadership in space. Specific issues covered in the platform include reform of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), tax incentives for space investment, and changes to how NASA does business. One example of government waste the platform corrects is the U.S. Senate's mandating of a wasteful Space Launch System in last year's NASA Authorization Act. Instead of embracing new technology and opportunities to leverage private investment, Congress chose to waste over $11 billion in a few districts and states to keep a few contractors in business for a few more years. Instead, the TPIS platform calls for moving NASA away from the 'Apollo crash program model' of designing, building, and operating its own unique and ultraexpensive launch vehicles. "The same NASA centers and contractors who failed to complete the Constellation program are getting a bailout courtesy of the taxpayers. Billions of dollars continue to be directed to Ares contractors, just under a different name, SLS" Everett Wilkinson stated. "The TEA Party's core values are just what America's space endeavors need right now in this volatile economy. NASA is being forced to fund programs that are behind schedule and ridiculously over budget. It's time to ask: 'how much is enough?' Both NASA, and the American taxpayer deserve a better plan and that's what our platform provides." "Our goal is make space policy a national issue. We want to educate Americans and our elected officials that we have a space economy and not just a space program, and every district and state can participate. We need to move away from calling a state a 'space state' or a district a 'space district'" stated Isaac Mooers, TPIS Director of Operations. "We have a platform that will grow all of America's potential in space. We ask each elected official, and those running for office, to review the TEA Party Space Platform and pledge to vote in line with this platform." TPIS and its volunteer network will be reaching out nationwide to candidates and elected officials of all parties. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 78 Mercury Politics Defense Spending – Unpopular – Tea Party Nothing is off the table for Tea Party cuts – this includes the defense budget AP 1-24-11 (Associated Press, “Tea Party: Defense Spending Not Exempt From Cuts” , accessed June 28, 2011, EJONES) Back home, supporters of the conservative tea party movement clamoring for the debt-ridden federal government to slash spending say nothing should be off limits. Tea party-backed lawmakers echo that argument, and they are not exempting the military's multibillion-dollar budget in a time of war. That demand is creating hard choices for the newest members of Congress, especially Republicans who owe their e...
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