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Unformatted text preview: when he comes here on April 15,” Nelson stated. Nelson believes that the president’s Budget office and or Science Policy office decided to kill Constellation. Better advice would have been to restructure the program, he said. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 105 Mercury Politics Privatization – Public – Divided Americans are evenly divided over private or public funding for space programs. Rasmussen Reports, 1/15/10 (Biggest public opinion poll conductor in the United States, “50% Favor Cutting Back on Space Exploration”, n_space_exploration, accessed 6/27/11) EK Still, Americans are almost evenly divided when asked if the space program should be funded by the government or by the private sector. Thirty-five percent (35%) believe the government should pay for space research, while 38% think private interests should pick up the tab. Twenty-six percent (26%) aren’t sure which is best. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 106 Mercury Politics Government Space Funding – Popular – Public More Americans believe in government funding, rather than private funding, of NASA. Rasmussen Reports, 10/5/10 (Biggest public opinion poll conductor in the United States, “52% Say Space Shuttle Program Has Been Worth The Cost”, ogram_has_been_worth_the_cost, accessed 6/27/11) EK Forty percent (40%) of Americans feel the space program should be funded by the government, up slightly from April. Thirty-two percent (32%) say funding for the program should come from the private sector. Twenty-eight percent (28%) are undecided. Interestingly, most entrepreneurs and private company employees feel the space program should be government-funded, while the plurality of government workers feel the private sector should handle the expense. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 107 Mercury Politics Privatization – Popular – GOP Privatization is popular – Republicans perceive it as more efficient Doyle, defense and homeland security writer in Washington, 8 (John, “Newt-ering NASA” Aviation Week & space Technology, June 23, Lexis, EJONES) The veteran Republican wants a large portion of NASA’s budget redirected to incentives and huge taxfree prizes to spur private-sector innovation. What remained would be converted into a research organization similar to the National Science Foundation, he told the National Space Foundation’s Space Business Forum in New York last week. Gingrich says a senior Bush administration official—whom he won’t name—privately estimates that such an approach could enable humans to land on Mars within a decade for just $20 billion. Gingrich argues that NASA is one of many federal agencies requiring dramatic overhauls if the U.S. is to keep pace with China, India and Japan over the next 25 years. NASA supporters counter that the agency devotes 85% of its budget to procurement, the bulk of which goes to outside contractors. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 10...
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