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Unformatted text preview: resident fails to dominate the discussion about where this country is going the more his authority will erode. In the end, a failure to define the problem and outline a convincing solution will hurt more than what now appears his likely failure to regenerate healthy economic growth by the next election. He may have only one chance to get this right. A failed attempt to define the problem and control the discussion would further fuzz the President’s image and reinforce the sense among many voters that the man is not up to the hour. The Obama Presidency can still be saved, but only if the President becomes the kind of inspiring and effective leader these tough and uncertain times demand. Victory begets more victories – politicians won’t cross a winner Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute fellow and political analyst, 1 (Norman J., Roll Call, 9-10-1, “High Stakes and an Overloaded Agenda”, Lexis) Those victories came at a crucial time, psychologically, for the White House. Imagine if the Democrats' preferred patients' rights legislation had passed by a wide margin in the House (as it has in the past) and if the President had been rebuffed on drilling in ANWR. He would have spent the month of August as the target of news stories declaring him weak and on the defensive, and arrived back in Washington in September with no momentum and limited leverage in the legislative battles of the fall. Instead, by showing that he can win even when he's expected to lose, and even on high-stakes issues, Bush left lawmakers with reason to pause before writing him off when key votes loom. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 238 Mercury Politics Link Turn – Winners Win (2/3) Winners win – plan is a win for Obama because he overcomes opposition Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute fellow and political analyst, 1993 (Norman J., Roll Call, “Clinton Can Still Emerge a Winner; Here's What to Do”, May 27, p. Online) 2. Winning comes to those who look like winners. This only sounds redundant or cliche-ish. If power is the ability to make people do something they otherwise would not do, real power is having people do things they otherwise wouldn't do without anybody making them - when they act in anticipation of what they think somebody would want them to do. If a president develops a reputation as a winner, somebody who will pull out victories in Congress even when he is behind, somebody who can say, "Do this!" and have it done, then Members of Congress will behave accordingly. They will want to cut their deals with the president early, getting on the winning team when it looks the best and means the most. They will avoid cutting deals with the opposition. Stories that show weakness, indecisiveness, or incompetence in the White House - and there are always lots of them - will go unreported or will be played down because they will be seen as the exception that proves the rule of strength and competence. Winners win – political leadership in tough fights builds capital Singer, My Direct Democracy editor, 9 (Jonathan, My Direct Democracy, “By Expending Capital, Obama Grows His Capital”, 3-3-9,
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