The house ways and means committee will meet on

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Unformatted text preview: pe, Asia and the Americas will gladly take up the slack. As for trade adjustment assistance, the ostensible bone of contention, even many Republicans in Congress support it, some because they believe it genuinely ameliorates the localized costs of foreign competition and others because they believe — as we do — that it is an imperfect program whose passage is a tolerable price, politically, for the greater good of expanded trade. A significant number of House and Senate Republicans, however, urged on by anti-spending purists such as the Club for Growth, have decided to make a stand against the billion dollars the program would cost. Party leaders appear unable or unwilling to resist. Unless this impasse breaks, the collateral damage could include previously uncontroversial legislation that has long promoted U.S. trade with other developing countries but has lapsed pending resolution of the dispute over South Korea, Colombia and Panama. It could take months or years to undo the resulting harm to the economy and to the reputation of U.S. trade policy . Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 47 Mercury Politics ***AFF - SKFTA Answers Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 48 Mercury Politics Uniqueness – Won’t Pass Now – TAA (1/3) SKFTA stalled – No compromise on TAA Devaney, Washington Times, 7-7-11 Tim, 7-7-11, The Washington Times, “Partisan rift stalling free-trade pacts”, , accessed 7-7-11] Lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Thursday clashed over long-delayed free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama, with Republicans balking at an Obama administration demand to attach money for a program to aid American workers as a part of the package. Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee warned they would vote against the trade pacts the first major free-trade deals to move forward under Mr. Obama - unless funds for the controversial Trade Adjustment Assistance program were also included to protect workers who lose their jobs because of increased imports. But Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee, who last week boycotted a vote on the issue, stood firm against legislation to move forward the South Korea deal, after the majority Democrats included the TAA funding on a straight 13-11 party-line vote. "I support the South Korea trade-implementing bill and want it to pass," Sen . Orrin G. Hatch of Utah, the committee's ranking Republican said. "But I cannot condone this abuse of [the president's tradenegotiating authority] or turn a blind eye to dubious domestic spending programs." Senate GOP still stalling on TAA issue AFP, 7-8-11 [“US compromise eyed on S.Korea trade deal”,, accessed 7-8-11] But Senate Republicans are strongly against an extension of the trade assistance. After boycotting a committee session last week, the Senate Republicans tried unsuccessfully Thursday to delink the workers’ aid and trade agreement. “I support...
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