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Unformatted text preview: errestrial intelligence) may be far less startling for generations brought up with word processors, electronic calculators, avatars and cell phones as compared with earlier generations used to typewriters, slide rules, pay phones and rag dolls.' People had been getting used to the idea of ET since the Seti (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) project first began listening out for alien radio signals 50 years ago, said Dr Harrison. Today, surveys suggested half the population of the US and Europe believe extra-terrestrials exist, and a 'substantial proportion' were convinced alien spacecraft had already visited the Earth. In North America and Europe at least, neither the discovery of an alien specimen nor the detection of a 'dial tone at a distance' were likely to lead to 'widespread psychological disintegration and collapse'. Evidence suggests people 'expect a millennial rather than catastrophic event, and feel prepared for the discovery', said Dr Harrison. Papers from a range of experts were published in a special edition of Philosophical Transactions devoted to extra-terrestrial life, with many scientists arguing that given the right conditions, Earth-like life could evolve the same way everywhere. Almost half of polled people expect to be friends with aliens CNN U.S., 6/15/1997 (CNN U.S., “Poll U.S. hiding knowledge of aliens”,, accessed 6/27/11) EK But only 9 percent said they believed there were any aliens near the HaleBopp comet, which recently passed close enough to Earth to be seen with the naked eye. Some ufologists believed a spacecraft was hidden near the comet, and members of the Heavens Gate cult committed suicide, believing that they would be taken aboard the craft and returned home. What happened in Roswell As for the Roswell incident, nearly twothirds of the respondents to the poll said they believed that a UFO crashlanded in a field outside the New Mexico town 50 years ago next month. In one of the most famous UFO sightings in U.S. history, Roswell residents in 1947 saw lights in the night sky, followed by a loud explosion. A rancher found the crash site and removed a large piece of debris, storing it in his shed. A few days later, Air Force officials from nearby Roswell Air Force Base inspected the site and the debris, and issued a press release announcing the recovery of a flying disc. The Air Force quickly retracted that statement, and claimed the debris was from a weather balloon. But countless statements some from military personnel appeared to contradict the Air Forces revised position. And several witnesses claimed to have seen bodies of dead aliens whisked away by the military. Roswell today capitalizes on its fame as a UFO crash site whether or not it actually happened and is hosting a 50th anniversary celebration the first week of July. Most people 91 percent told the pollsters that they had never had contact with aliens or known anyone who had. A similar number 93 percent...
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