The message from yesterdays election is not just that

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Unformatted text preview: nd Sullivan 1995), presidents, White House staff, and legislators believe that public approval is important to the president's success in Congress (Edwards 1997; Neustadt 1960; Rivers and Rose 1985). Theoretically, public support will improve the president's bargain- ing position as members of Congress will not want to risk alienating their constituents by opposing a popu- lar president's policy preferences. Therefore, we hypothesize that the higher his level of approval, the more a final statute will reflect the president's policy preferences. Public opinion polls influence presidential agenda Sparrow, University of Texas at Austin government professor, 8 (Bartholomew H., “Who Speaks for the People? The President, the Press, and Public Opinion in the United States”, 10-13-8, Presidential Studies Quarterly, Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages 578-592, Wiley InterScience, accessed 7-8-9) Public opinion serves as a metric of presidential leadership with respect to presidential approval ratings. Presidents and their advisors use public opinion not as an absolute guide, but rather for tactical purposes, and instrumentally, for reaching particular political ends (Jacobs and Shapiro 2000). In general, political analysts conceive of public opinion as a channel or guide for policy makers, boundaries beyond which they cannot go but which also offer leeway in terms of the exact path policy makers take. Public opinion serves as a "permissive limit" for policy makers (Almond 1950; Key 1961; Sobel 2001). Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 219 Mercury Politics Spending Uniqueness – GOP Holding the Line Now The link is unique – GOP won’t cave now Thiessen, visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, 6-30-11 (Marc A., “The GOP's trump card” The Washington Post, Lexis, Accessed July 2, 2011, EJONES) Republicans should also be the ones making the demands - starting with more domestic spending cuts. Obama said Wednesday that he is willing to go along with more than $1 trillion in spending cuts - but that does not come close to the kind of reductions needed to change the trajectory of our spiraling debt. We need trillions more in spending reductions and a balanced-budget amendment that will force the government to live within its means. If Democrats balk and the Treasury's Aug. 2 deadline arrives without an agreement, the sky will not fall. Republicans can simply pass a small, temporary increase in the debt ceiling - and attach some of the spending cuts Democrats reportedly accepted in the negotiations led by Vice President Biden. If Democrats won't sign on to an acceptable agreement when that temporary increase runs out, Republican leaders can pass another small increase with still more of these spending cuts attached. They can do the same thing again . . . and again . . . and again. Democrats will cry foul, but in the end, the Democrat-controlled Senate will pass, and Obama will sign, every temporary increase the House approves - because the alternative is unthinkable. The message from Speaker John Boehner should be: The GOP will not allow the government to default - but Republicans will not raise the debt limit without deep cuts in federal spending and Republicans will not raise taxes or hollow out our military - period. In...
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