The status quo of crony capitalism earmarking

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Unformatted text preview: s of power point presentations, some pretty CGI videos, and a half-billion-dollar practice rocket, said Gasser. œ Its time to return NASA to its roots as an R&D agency instead of serving as a slush fund for a few influential members of congress. This platform provides that plan. This platform gives the Administration, Congress, and federal candidates guidance on economic policy, technology development, and legislative priorities to help advance Americas leadership in space. Specific issues covered in the platform include reform of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), tax incentives for space investment, and changes to how NASA does business. One example of government waste the platform corrects is the U.S. Senates mandating of a wasteful Space Launch System in last years NASA Authorization Act . Instead of embracing new technology and opportunities to leverage private investment, Congress chose to waste over $11 billion in a few districts and states to keep a few contractors in business for a few more years. Instead, the TPIS platform calls for moving NASA away from the œApollo crash program model of designing, building, and operating its own unique and ultra-expensive launch vehicles . œThe same NASA centers and contractors who failed to complete the Constellation program are getting a bailout courtesy of the taxpayers. Billions of dollars continue to be directed to Ares contractors, just under a different name, SLS, Everett Wilkinson, head of the South Florida Tea Party, stated. œThe TEA Partys core values are just what Americas space endeavors need right now in this volatile economy. NASA is being forced to fund programs that are behind schedule and ridiculously over budget. Its time to ask: ˜how much is enough? Both NASA, and the American taxpayer deserve a better plan and thats what our platform provides. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 76 Mercury Politics NASA Funding – Unpopular – Tea Party (2/3) The Tea Party in Space wants to cancel expensive projects and curb Space Exploration Nelson, Daily Caller, 6/24/11 (Steven – Daily Caller Staff Writer, Tea Party group launches into space policy debate, , Access: 6/28/11) AC Some members of the Tea Party movement have zeroed in on a multi-billion dollar area of government spending. This time, it isn’t health care or the public debt -– but outer space . On Thursday, TEA Party in Space (TPIS) unveiled its “TEA Party Space Platform.” The group, which is affiliated with the Tea Party Patriots, hopes NASA will return “to its roots as [a research and development] agency instead of serving as a slush fund for a few influential members of Congress,” TPIS President Andrew Gasser said in a Thursday press release. Just like a political party’s platform, this agenda is made up of specific issues. Among the fourteen calls to action is for Congress to pass legislation to cap liability for c...
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