This time it isnt health care or the public debt but

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Unformatted text preview: Bolden. The letter outlines steps NASA should to take to help this Committee determine whether it is fully implementing the law. As I've said before, implementation of the law is a priority for me, and for this Committee. We simply can't afford to get it wrong. Senator Rockefeller thinks NASA is not effective at maintaining U.S. space leadership Rockefeller, U.S. West Virginia Senator, 2011 (Jay, 5/19/11, NASA Statement, “Sen. Rockefeller Statement: Hearing on Contributions of Space to National Imperatives”,, 6/21/11) EK A major focus, not surprisingly, is the agency’s plans for developing a heavy-lift vehicle as authorized in last year’s act. Senators, including subcommittee chairman Bill Nelson (D-FL) and full committee ranking member Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), made it clear they were not satisfied with the report NASA delivered in January outlining their initial plans for development of the Space Launch System (SLS) and Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) for the ISS. They pressed agency officials for more details about those efforts, and were told that an updated study on development of the SLS and MPCV, including their estimated schedule given projected funding, would be completed by late spring or early summer. (Nelson went so far as to ask Doug Cooke, the associate administrator for exploration, to “step on some toes” at OMB and OSTP if necessary to expedite their approval of those studies, since Cooke will be retiring later this year and thus didn’t have anything to lose.) [NOTE: OMB = Office of Management and Budget, OSTP = Office of Science and Technology Policy] Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 75 Mercury Politics NASA Funding – Unpopular – Tea Party (1/3) Tea Party in Space is dedicated to deficit reduction Gasser, President of the Tea Party in Space, 6/23/11 (Andres – President of the Tea party in Space, Press Release: TEA Party Launches Space Platform, Press Release: TEA Party Launches Space Platform, Access: 6/28/11) AC TEA Party in Space (TPIS), a non-partisan organization, today publicly released the TEA Party Space Platform. œThis is our response to the vacuum of leadership in Washington, D.C., for Americas national space enterprise, said Andrew Gass, President of TPIS. œWhether its timidity from the White House or Congress earmark-laden ˜compromises, our space dreams will be stuck on this planet unless someone articulates a vision based on economic and technical reality, so thats what weve done. This platform, and its specific planks, are grounded in sound science, technology, and the TEA Partys core values. The TEA Party in Space Platform promotes fiscal responsibility, limited government, and stimulation of the free market. œThe status quo of crony capitalism, earmarking billions of NASAs budget to a few companies, districts and states, has got to stop. We already tried this approach with Constellation and all we have to show for it are stack...
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