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Unformatted text preview: the South Korea trade agreement implementing bill and want it to pass. I strongly support it,” said Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, the top Republican on the Democratic-led Senate Finance Committee. “But I cannot condone this abuse of Trade Promotion Authority or turn a blind eye to dubious domestic spending programs,” Hatch said, referring to the president’s power to submit trade deals without potential changes by Congress. No compromise – GOP moving on SKFTA without TAA language Palmer, Reuters Journalist, 7/5/11 (Doug Palmer, 5 July 2011, “US House eyes action on trade bills after setback”, , 7.5.11, SWolff) (Reuters) - A key panel in the House of Representatives plans to start action this week on three longdelayed free trade agreements after a failed attempt last week in the Senate, congressional aides said on Tuesday. The House Ways and Means Committee will meet on Thursday to consider draft legislation for U.S. trade deals with South Korea, Panama and Colombia, the aides said. The Ways and Means panel will work on draft bills that do not include a renewal of federal "trade adjustment assistance," an aide said, referring to a retraining program for displaced workers opposed by many Republicans . Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 49 Mercury Politics Uniqueness – Won’t Pass Now – TAA (2/3) No TAA-FTA deal – GOP still opposed to linkage Palmer, Reuters journalist, 6/30/11 (Doug, 30 June 2011, “Republicans block action on Bush trade pacts”, feedType=RSS&feedName=everything&virtualBrandChannel=11563, 7.5.11, SWolff) Baucus, a Democrat, said U.S. exporters would pay a price for the setback. "Every day we delay, we lose ground to our competitors. Tomorrow, Korea's trade agreement with the European Union goes into force. In August, Colombia's deal with Canada enters into force," said Baucus. He said after the aborted meeting that he still hoped for action in July on the pacts. The House Ways and Means Committee could take up the agreements next week, but Republicans in that chamber also are insisting on a separate vote on TAA. The three deals were signed during the administration of former Republican President George W. Bush and have been languishing for more than four years. GOP is blocking SKFTA Boston Globe 7/2/11 (No Author, The Boston Globe, “Republicans block free-trade pacts”, , 7.2.11, SWolff) WASHINGTON - The Obama administration’s top trade official said yesterday he was “shell-shocked’’ by Senate Republicans who blocked action on three free-trade agreements the GOP largely supports. Trade representative Ron Kirk said he was surprised when GOP senators did not show up at a hearing Thursday to consider trade pacts with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama. Republicans object to Democrats’ decision to link the deals to the renewal of a program that retrains workers hurt by foreign trade and want to consider the program separately. “I’m dumbfounded,’’ Kirk said. “The Republicans for the most par...
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