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Unformatted text preview: demies study of the governance structure for U.S. Earth observation programs at NASA, NOAA, and other agencies, to be transmitted to Congress by April 2010;164 and mandated a National Academies assessment of impediments to interagency cooperation on space and Earth science missions, to be submitted to Congress by January 2010.165 Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 148 Mercury Politics Earth Sciences – Unpopular – GOP Republicans hate the plan – earth science programs crowd out popular NASA parts, overlap, and are perceived as climate change research Powell, Texas on the Potomac, 3-17-11 (Stewart, “Rep. Pete Olson joins Florida ally in bid to protect NASA spending on human space flight” March 17, Lexis, EJONES) "To be clear, we believe NASA's budget can be reduced," the GOP lawmakers told their colleague in a letter released today. "Within the NASA budget specifically we believe there is an opportunity to cut funding within the earth science account where an overabundance of climate change research is being conducted." President Obama's proposed budget for NASA for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1 calls for $18.7 billion to be provided the space agency. That's $300 million less than last year and the same as fiscal 2010. Obama has put a premium on space-based research into global warming. "The National Aeronautic and Space Administration's primary mission has always been human space flight," Olson said. "In this time of limited resources, we must take a common sense approach to federal spending by cutting duplicative programs. Climate research is currently conducted in 16 different federal agencies." Olson said by streamlining federal priorities Congress "can cut spending in NASA's budget for climate research and maintain a stable human space flight program." More evidence – Whittington, Space analyst, 3-20-11 (Mark R., Has written for the Houston Chronicle, The Washington Post, USA Today, the L.A. Times, and The Weekly Standard, “GOP Lawmakers: Cut NASA Earth Science, Fund Human Space Exploration”, Yahoo News, _exploration, accessed June 21, 2011, EJONES) One aspect of a drive for an austerity budget is that programs begin to compete against one another for support and attention. Thus a fight has broken out over which NASA program gets cut, space exploration or climate research. According to Space News, in a recent letter to Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, Rep. Sandy Adams of Florida and Rep. Pete Olson of Texas made the plea to focus on the $1.6 billion in NASA devoted to Earth science and climate research as area to suffer budget cuts. While some cynics may suggest that Adams and Olson are just protecting their state's turfs, there is an actual case to be made that goes beyond pork politics. Climate research at NASA has become very politicized, being seen as more an attempt to amass evidence for global warming and thus support for...
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