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Fair Game Sheet Mid term - INTRODUCTORY LECTURE Types of...

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INTRODUCTORY LECTURE: Types of Psychology- (look in notes) Brain in vat problem- mind/body…where we are…what is consciousness? HISTORY AND RESEARCH METHODS: Major physiological quandaries: o Mind/body dualism- physical and mental are different aspects of reality Interactionalism- mental makes physical go Psychophysical parallelism- mind and body behave and follow each other o Mind/body monism- physical and mental are one Idealism- all is thought Materialism- all is physical o Free will- you are the cause o Determinism- everything has a cause pre determined…. . o Nature- environment makes you who you are o Nurture- genetics makes you who you are Deductive method- begins with a set of premises and facts and apply general rules of logic. Derive a conclusion. General to specific. Inductive method- begins with a series of experiences, find pattern, induce a general rule. Way theories are formed. Specific to general. Never certain. Qualities of the scientific method: o Falsifiability of hypotheses- stated clearly and precisely so we could disprove it, “confident” theory. o Replicability of findings- repeat studios must give same results o Parsimonious explanation- if two equally valid explanations, choose the “simpler” of the two. o Devaluation of anecdotal evidence- Naturalistic observations- sit and watch your subject Case histories- unique or rare individual case Correlational studies- association between two variables Correlation- Causation- Experiment- Experimental conditions- Control conditions- Dependent variables- “result” Independent variables- “ change” I.C.D.R (I Can Drink Rum) Purpose of descriptive statistics- Purpose of inferential statistics- NEUROSCIENCE: Cerebrovascular accident (CVA)- (strokes) traumatic brain injury, tumors, degenerative diseases
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Electroencephalography (EEG)- Hindbrain and functions- o Pons and Medulla - Protective reflexes (sneeze, fart, cough, blink) Infant reflexes
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Fair Game Sheet Mid term - INTRODUCTORY LECTURE Types of...

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