chern 1 - Deniz Gorgun On Chernobyl Explosion In our...

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Deniz Gorgun 12/4/07 On Chernobyl Explosion, In our presentation, we first gave some basic background info to the audience. The main idea behind this was that it would be easier to comprehend the interconnectedness of events and the social responsibility issues related to the human errors. In the pre cold war era, the need for energy sources and defense armament was crucial for the Soviet Union, as they were in race with the west to become the world leader. At the time, nuclear power was seen as the most efficient way to achieve this goal, since the technology was both used to generate power, and to develop new weapons. This was the main reason for a nuclear power station to be built in Chernobyl. The Chernobyl power station consisted of four separate reactors, and was the biggest in the country. The president of the station was an electrical engineer called Viktor Bryukhanov. As the Soviet president of the time Mikhail Gorbachov ordered, that the nuclear energy production goals are doubled, at a national congress in 1986, the power plants had to
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chern 1 - Deniz Gorgun On Chernobyl Explosion In our...

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