13Mar08 - Terrorism & The Media Results of Terrorism 1) It...

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Results of Terrorism 1) It is premeditated and designed to create a climate of extreme fear. 2) It is directed at a wider target than the immediate victims. 3) It inherently involves attacks on random or symbolic targets, including civilians. 4) It is considered by the society in which it occurs as ‘extra-normal’, it violates the norms regulating disputes, protest and dissent; and 5) It is used primarily, though not exclusively, to influence the political behavior of governments, communities or specific social groups. How is the message disseminated? THE MEDIA Triangle of Connection Government Media Terrorist Governments, Media, and Terrorist organizations see the function, roles, and responsibilities of the media from a different points of view. How does the Media fit in? Is there a symbolic relationship between the government What is a symbiotic relationship? Sociology the term symbiosis is taken to mean: relations of mutual dependence between different groups within a community which are unlike eath other but their relations are complimentary. Symbiotic Relationsip Many modern terrorists and certain sections of the media can appear to become locked in a relationship of considerable mutual benefit . What is the media? Media is a generic term meaning all metholds or channels of information and entertainment. What is included in the media?
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13Mar08 - Terrorism & The Media Results of Terrorism 1) It...

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