14Feb08 - Fall of Ottomans(1917-1922-Turks supported...

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14Feb08 Where is the Middle East? (Floating Concept) SLATT Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Palestine, and Afghanistan Mohammed & Islam -Founded Islam in 610 AD -Received revelations from Angel Gabriel -Family wrote stories in verses and poems and book became the Quran Mohammed’s Word: -Universal -Monotheism -Love -Discipline -Submission to God’s Will Meaning of Islam: -Islam “Submission to the will of God” -Muslim: “One Who Submits” Mecca: A center of Influence Muslims say prayers 5 times a day, towards Mecca. -A cultural Cross Road -A religious center for Monotheism -Profit center for merchants of Religious Relics -Birth place of Mohammed
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-Birth place of Jihad (Holy War) Rise of Islam -Mohammed dies in 632 A.D. (Becomes the rise of Islam and Muslim faith) Two things occur after: Conflict in who is going to lead Islam (one says devote follower, the other says direct descent) -1000 A.D. Ottomans take over after defeat of Mongols from East.
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Unformatted text preview: Fall of Ottomans (1917-1922)-Turks supported Germany (then defeated), lost land and was split up. Fall of Islam & Rise of Christian Powers 1) Current structure & geography is a result of 19 th century imperial influence and outcome of WWI 2) Arab countries place more emphasis on religion and power of the family than on democracy 3) Islam is religion, law, & politics 4) Water & Oil responsible for both poverty and riches Three Sources of Terrorism Today-The Palestinian control & Zionism-Intra-Arab / Muslim rivalries-The Iranian Revolution Three Promises of British of WWI-The Arabs: A united Arab Kingdom for fighting Turks-The Zionist: A Jewish Homeland for financial support-The Europeans: Russia & France spheres of influence in the Middle East Agreement of 1916 British Plan for Israel & Palestine U.N. Plan for Israel & Palestine...
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14Feb08 - Fall of Ottomans(1917-1922-Turks supported...

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