24jan08 - What is the connection between 9/11, Hiroshima...

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Extreme Violence for peace. Each done with a philosophical point of view. 1) ONE Countries freedom fight is another countries terrorist. 2) Asymmetrical Warfare (unbalanced) What’s next? New York vs. Baghdad Why Iraq? 9/11: Al Queida was involved and attacked Afghanistan for supplying camps. Why Iraq? (false information) What should we do? 1) Stay til mission is accomplished 2) Pull out as quick as possible 3) Pull out conditionally Terrorist primary purpose is to shed light on their issues. Roots of terrorism: Russian revolution. Lenon and Trutsky. Access ability with video camera. Ireland rebellion. Micheal Collins. Attacked police stations. Modern media forms allows terrorists to put out info. And hide in “urban jungles”. Terrorism : “…the systematic use of terror or unpredictable violence against government, publics, or individuals to attain a political objective.” History of Terrorism: Early Beginnings -Ancient Greek historians wrote of the effectiveness of psychological ware fare against enemy populations in 431-350 BC. There’s no such thing as a Terrorist. Just terrorist tactics for asymmetrical warfare as agencies. History of Terrorism: Post Christianity -Roman emperors such as Tiberius used forms of terrorism to discourage opposition to his rule from 14- 37 AD. South America and Death Squads.
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24jan08 - What is the connection between 9/11, Hiroshima...

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