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27mar08 - Domestic Terrorism Activities and Trends What is...

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Domestic Terrorism: Activities and Trends What is domestic terrorism? Terrorism perpetrated by residents of a country, within that country, for the purpose of coercing its government and population into modifying its behavior. Forms of Domestic terrorism Left –wing terrorism Right-wing terrorism Special-interest/single-issue terrorism Osama Bin Laden is a conservative considering his want to bring things as they are or back to they once were. Domestic – Left-wing philosophy Pro-socialist Ant capitalist (to a point) Seeks equality – no social class Weak r no central government Common ownership of means of production (tragedy of the commons) Left – Wings groups and activities Leftist – oriented groups of the 1970’s – 1980’s Anarchists Puerto rico separatist o Armed forces for Puerto rican Ant-Vietnam War o Students for a democratic society (sds)/weathermen/weather underground organization (wuo) o New year’s gang Black activist
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o Black panther party o Black liberation Army (BLA) Left-Wing Groups and Activities Not as strong and well defined as once were Usually operate in Urban Center Believers usually move from left to center with age (members are more often young students) Domestic – Right –Wing philosophy Opposite of left – wing philosophy, but not necessarily along a straight line.
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