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PRETEST QUIZ TEST 3 Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Your roommate tells you not to cheat in this course because you might get caught. Your roommate is operat- ing at the ____________ level of Kohlberg's moral development. a. conventional b. principled c. preconventional d. equality ____ 2. If a child knows that a ball still exists after it rolls out of sight, the child has acquired which of the following concepts? a. concrete operations b. transductive reasoning c. conservation d. object permanence ____ 3. A young child looks out the window and sees that it is raining. He assumes that it is raining everywhere, be- cause his thought is characterized by a. animism. b. egocentrism. c. irreversibility. d. conservation. ____ 4. Give-and-take between children during play would be evidence of a __________ play style. a. maladaptive b. cooperative c. solitary d. parallel ____ 5. Between ages 7 and 11, many of the restrictions of earlier patterns disappear and children can think in soph- isticated ways as long as what they are thinking about is tangibly represented. Piaget calls this stage a. concrete operations. b. formal operations. c. preoperational thought. d. sensorimotor limits. ____ 6. An adolescent who hypthesizes and speaks in terms of possibilities may well be functioning in the cognitive stage of a. formal operational thought. b. concrete operational thought. c. moral realistic thought. d. transductive thought. ____ 7. A 13-year-old breaks up with his first girlfriend and he is very upset. No one can console him, because he believes that no one else has ever been hurt as badly as he has. The boy's beliefs are consistent with the view of a. prepubertal romance. b. adolescent egocentrism. c. transductive reasoning. d. separation anxiety. ____ 8. You have gone to your car after attending a basketball game with 12,000 fans present. You are unable to start your car. The bystander effect suggests that you will have a better chance of getting help if
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a. it is very cold outdside. b. it is very warm outside. c. few people are left in the parking lot. d. many people are left in the parking lot. ____ 9. When Bob arrived at school, he discovered that the class president declared the day to be "sockless day". As he scanned the class, Bob noticed that no one was wearing socks, and even though he felt stupid, he pre- ceeded to remove his socks. Bob's behavior is an example of a. deindividuation. b. conformity. c. disinhibition. d. counter-conditioning. ____ 10. A major implication of the Milgram studies included a warning about the dangers in a. scientific experimentation. b. attribution theory. c.
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3169261954 - PRETEST QUIZ TEST 3 Multiple Choice Identify...

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