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phy104 intro info class 1

phy104 intro info class 1 - Physics 104 | Class 1|...

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Physics 104 | Class 1| Professor Rothman Welcome to Physics 104, General Physics for science and engineering students! I will be teaching the precepts meeting in McDonnell 104 at 9 and 10 AM, which are classes 1 and 6, respectively. The purpose of the course is to continue your study of basic physics needed for further study in science and engineering, and to develop a logical, quantitative approach to problem solving. This semester will concentrate on electricity and magnetism. You will need to use all of the concepts learned in the previous semester, and will be expected to have a built some facility with calculus and vectors, which will be used extensively. Course Structure All students in Physics 104 will meet in a big lecture by the course director, Prof. Meyers, every Tuesday. You may consider Tuesday as the beginning of the "course week". On Wednesday, Friday, and Monday, you will separate into groups of approximately 20 students for precepts. Each student should also be registered for a laboratory section. You should expect to put a lot of time into this course. The structure of the course will encourage you to read and work problems actively throughout the week, which is the key to success. In the precepts, you will have a chance to discuss the course material and problems in a more interactive setting. You will benefit most if you come prepared with questions and participate actively in in-class problem solving. Although we do not plan to set aside one day per week working problems in groups, you can expect that we may do this occasionally. This semester, most of the topics will span more than one week, so lectures are not necessarily the beginning of a new subject, and the scheduling of the precepts will be correspondingly more flexible.
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