In our protocol for this meta analysis we defined the

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Unformatted text preview: n our protocol for this meta-analysis we defined the criteria for selecting trials, before we accessed the trials database: (a) identical or very similar clinical inclusion criteria for patients (major depression as defined by DSM±III (American Psychiatric Association, 1980); (b) use of the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS±17; Hamilton, 1967; and the first 17 items from trials that used more than 17); and (c) a double-blind follow-up phase of at least six weeks. For the non-USA trials, we analysed only trials of fluoxetine v. TCAs since the three non-USA placebo-controlled trials (116 patients) in the database did not satisfy our inclusion criteria or included very few patients. The same inclusion criteria were used for non-USA trials, except that trials with a five-week, double-blind follow-up period were also included since their exclusion would have led to only a handful of trials with a small number of patients being included. The database contained only one USA trial with a fiveweek double-blind follow-up period, but this was not included. Trials without a control treatment (e.g. dose-ranging trials) and those with a control treatment other than placebo or a TCA were excluded. In addition, trials in which all control patients received fixed doses 475 mg/day of a TCA were eliminated, as were those in which treated patients received less than 10 mg/day of fluoxetine. Within a trial, all patients were pooled according to the treatment received, irrespective of the dose received, this being equivalent to comparing a single fluoxetinetreated group with a single TCA-treated group and a single placebo-treated group. The first evidence-based diagnostic system in psychiatry is the DSM±III. Newgeneration antidepressants are indicated for major depression as defined using this diagnostic system in most countries, and this is the reason we decided to use DSM± III major depression as the only diagnostic inclusion criterion. The database contained information for 69 trials, including 6633 patients; of these, 21 trials were USA trials and 48 had been performed elsewhere (non-USA tri...
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