T t o xml t tay tr ng khng bi t d ch cu ny sao cho ng

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Unformatted text preview: ion = buttonAction; buttonLevels++; return(bmc); } // T o m t lo t button t m ng function createButtonList(buttonList, x, y, direction) { for (var i=0;i<buttonList.length;i++) { ret = createButton(buttonList[i].label,x,y, buttonList[i].action); buttons[i].mc = ret; if (direction == "down") { y += 20; } else if (direction == "across") { x += 100; } } } - Còn ây là cách t o m ng t o button CODE mainButtonList = new Array(); mainButtonList.push({label:"About Us", action:"aboutUsButtonList"}); mainButtonList.push({label:"Products", action:"productsButtonList"}); mainButtonList.push({label:"Store",action:"storeButtonList"}); - Công vi c t i p theo là g i hàm createButtonList CODE buttonLevels = 1; createButtonList(mainButtonList,100,100,"across"); t o button - N u b n th ch y movie lúc nào thì chúng ta s th y 3 button ư c t o nhưng mà s chưa làm gì khi ưa chu t ngang qua hay click vào. Bây...
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This note was uploaded on 01/16/2013 for the course BANKING 111 taught by Professor Johnsmith during the Spring '13 term at University of Economics and Technology.

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