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Psychology 2003 major concepts test 1

Psychology 2003 major concepts test 1 - MAJOR CONCEPTS TEST...

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MAJOR CONCEPTS: TEST 1 (SPRING, 20087) Chapters 1, 2, 3, & 4 TEST DATE: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12 1. Definition of and Approaches to Psychology: Philosophical roots (Descartes, Locke), Structuralism (Wundt, Titchener), Functionalist (James), Behaviorism (Watson, Skinner), Psychodynamic (Freud), Humanistic (Maslow, Rogers), Cognitive, Evolutionary 2. Characteristics of Scientific Research: Empirical/Objective approach; Assumption of lawfulness; Self-correcting; Scientific theory 3 Goals of Psychology Research: Description (e.g., naturalistic observations), prediction (e.g., correlational studies - relationships), explanation (e.g., experiments – cause-effect) 4. Correlational studies; Interpretation of Correlation Coefficients; Conclusions that can be legitimately drawn 5. The Experimental Method; Control; Operationalization; Generalization: Replication; Conclusions that can be legitimately drawn 6. Analysis of an Experiment: population, sample, random assignment, independent variable, dependent variable, theory, hypothesis, control group, and treatment (experimental) group
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