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MAJOR CONCEPTS: EXAM II (SPRING 2008) Chapters 6, 7, & 8 (pp. 318-329 only) TEST DATE: THURSDAY, MARCH 6 1. The Definition of Learning 2. Components of the Classical (Respondent) Conditioning Paradigm: UCS, UCR, CS, CR 3. CS - UCS relationship; CR - UCR relationship 4. Types of Classical Conditioning Schedules: Simultaneous, Forward, Backward, Delayed 5. Biological constraints on conditioning: Instinctual drift; Conditioned taste aversion: Garcia's work 6. Extinction, Spontaneous recovery (for both classical and operant conditioning) 7. Stimulus Discrimination, Generalization 8. Operant (Instrumental) Conditioning 9. Thorndike's Law of Effect 10. Positive and Negative Reinforcement, Positive and Negative Punishment 11. Reinforcers: Primary and Secondary 12. Discriminative Stimulus 13. Shaping, Successive approximation 14. Reinforcement contingencies; Schedules of Reinforcement (Continuous, FR, FI, VR, VI); Effects on patterns of behavior 15. Predictive power (informational value) of the CS: Rescorla
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