So what does this mean 467 million receive food

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Unformatted text preview: ance of twoparent families. So… What does this mean? 46.7 Million receive Food Stamps Benefits. How many families receive TANF benefits? Under 5 million 5-10 million 10-20 million 20- 30 million 30-50 million Texas and TANF General Guidelines: – – – – A family of 3 an make no more than $2,857 Max benefit for family of 3 with 2 parents ($297 mo.) No more than $1000 in assets CHOICES work requirement – at least 30 hours weekly participation in employment services for people aged 16-59 • Work Exemptions - single parents with child under age one, persons 60 and over, children under 19, disabled, caretakers, women who are pregnant Updated September, 2 011 Texas | TANF Caseload Factsheet The TANF caseload in Texas declined by 9 perce...
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