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Nick Frazier Science, Technology, and Society March 27, 2008 Course Project Installment #2 While our civilization becomes more progresses and becomes more efficient, so must our technology and in such a way that is good for human civilization. Technological advances can easily be made but there are problems that make the technological advances slow down and in the end slow the overall progress. These problems are issues that need to be looked at and eventually fixed. However they very complex and sometimes seem impossible to solve or balance. However, to make progress happen these problems need to be fixed. Progress for human civilization is changing the world for the better. If people were to create a cure for cancer, that would be progress to me because the world would be a better place. I think that technological innovation is an extremely important part to catalyze improvements. Without previous technologies how would be able to improve, understand more and be better able to solve the problem at hand. For example, if we never created the microscope how would we have discovered that living organisms are made of cells or that there are such things as bacteria and viruses that make us sick. We wouldn’t have, so therefore I believe that previous technological advances are vital to future technological advances. However in the world today the question is not always how do we make things better but how can we make more money. In some respects humans are progressing quite well. Humans have the ability to advance technology and create more options for ourselves. For instance we are creating robots that are very intelligent, we are able to clone humans and animals successfully for their respective
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benefits, and even grow meat in laboratories. We are making plenty of options for ourselves but what we are not doing well at is choosing from these options and distributing these options fairly. An example is financial disability causes a barrier to technological access. Those who are less wealthy or poor do not get the same benefits from technology as those who are. A great example of this is from the reading “Are Minority children the last to benefit from a new technology?” The article shows that there is a difference in the rates that technology is distributed by race, gender, and age. According to the article minorities were less likely to get newer technology than nonminority and children were less likely to get new technology than adults. “Minority children had the greatest delay in adoption of steroid MDIs.” A child should be the first to benefit from a new technology that deals with their health. Children should not be the ones to suffer. This situation is unfair and progress needs to be made in this aspect. Humans are very intelligent and always advancing creatures. Think back to last
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sts part 2 - Nick Frazier Science Technology and Society...

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