Throughout my last 15 years of playing hockey

Throughout my last 15 years of playing hockey - model for...

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Throughout my last 15 years of playing hockey, Coach Brian has been the most influential coach I have ever met. I don’t understand why the Hamburg School board would ever think of replacing him. He knows the game of hockey like the back of his hand, and has a great passion for teaching it. The one thing about Coach Brian that separates him from any other coach is that he really cares for his players. Coach Brian not only teaches hockey, but he teaches us life lessons and wants to see us do well in life. He has been a role
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Unformatted text preview: model for every kid who has played under him. I and everyone who has ever played for him have the greatest respect for him. That is something that you do not always see in high school hockey. It has been the greatest privilege to have Coach Brian as a coach, but it would be a shame if others players next year were to be denied the experience of playing under Brian Dehlinger. Coach Brian has been and will always be the heart and soul of Hamburg High School hockey, please don’t take that away....
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