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Grade _____/24 Name: Vinson Baxley Section Number: Click here to insert section FITness Exercise #4 How Computer Viruses Work –points (each question is 3 points unless otherwise indicated) – Go to the following Web site and read the article about how a computer virus works. Then answer the following questions, using your own words. 1. What are the ways a computer virus similar to biological virus? They attack the hard drive, like they attack your immune system, without warning 2. What is a worm? What allowed the “Code Red” worm to do its damage? A self replicating computer program, it does not need to attach itself to a program like a virus. The code red worm continued to do damage because it layed dormant in the computer 3. Explain the “infection” phase and “attack” phase of a virus. The infection phase is when you actually get the virus. The virus can stay dormant in your computer for a length of time before it actually does
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