FIT6 - Vinson Baxley FIT 6 1 ProsSee what your employees...

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Vinson Baxley FIT 6 1. Pros- See what your employees are doing while at work Monitor to see who they are talking too See if they are the ones putting viruses on all the computers See if internet predators are talking to them Monitor the amount of time they spend emailing Cons- Employees will feel like they cant do anything on the computer Employees will feel violated They wont want to open any emails If the don’t open emails, they cant communicate with each other 2. Company Property and Facilities 1. Use of Property and Facilities Company property, facilities or physical resources may not be used for solicitation or distribution activities which are not related to an employee’s services to the Company, except for charitable activities that have been approved in advance by Company management. 2. Theft and Vandalism You should report to management any attempt to steal or vandalize Company property, including documents, equipment, or intellectual property, personal property of other employees, cash or any other items of value. 3. Maintaining Confidentiality Our business operates in many different and in extremely competitive markets. Proprietary information and trade secrets of the Company must be safeguarded in the same way that all other important Company assets are protected. You must protect from inappropriate disclosure information concerning pricing, products and services that are being developed, and other such trade secrets, including information pertaining to any prospective Company acquisition or divestiture. All files, records and reports acquired or
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created in the course of employment are the property of the Company. Originals or copies of such documents may be removed from the Company’s offices for the sole purpose of performing your duties for the Company and must be returned at any time upon request. 4. Loans The Company does not make personal loans to officers or employees. This prohibition does not apply to loans through the Company’s Saving Investment Plan (SIP) or advance payments made in accordance with relocation or meeting and travel policies. 5. Inventions The Company is legally entitled to all rights in ideas, inventions and works of authorship relating to its business that are made by you during the scope of your employment with the Company or while using the Company’s resources. Company Political Involvement The Company is prohibited from contributing to candidates for federal office. The Company does not maintain a PAC (Political Action Committee). In addition, various states prohibit contributions to candidates for state or local office, and it is the Company’s policy to comply fully with these laws. As a result, no Company contributions are permitted to a state or local candidate without the prior approval of the Board of Directors or its designate. You are free to exercise the right to make personal political contributions within legal
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FIT6 - Vinson Baxley FIT 6 1 ProsSee what your employees...

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