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Computer Ethics - “About This Particular Macintosh” and...

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Vinson Baxley FIT5 http://www.wildland.co.nz/services/services_landscape.htm It is strictly prohibited to copy any information or images from this website. The graphics and content on this site are protected by International copyright laws and are watermarked with our unique ID from Digimarc. Images and written material MUST NOT be copied without written permission from Wildland Consultants. It it strictly prohibited to use any of our content either Online or Offline. http://www.atpm.com/ About This Particular Macintosh may be uploaded to any online area or BBS, so long as the file remains intact and unaltered, but all other rights are reserved. All information contained in this site is correct to the best of our knowledge. The opinions expressed in ATPM are not necessarily those of the entire ATPM staff. Product and company names and logos may be registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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Unformatted text preview: “About This Particular Macintosh” and “About the personal computing experience” are trademarks of ATPM, Inc. Articles and original art may not be reproduced without the express written permission of ATPM. You may, however, print copies of ATPM, directly from the stand-alone editions or from the Web, provided that it is not modified in any way. It is illegal to use other people’s pictures, and claim them as being yours. You have to give them credit for the photographs they take in some type of bibliography. The owner of the work has the right to use it in any way they want, whether they want to sell it, display is publicly etc. If someone else wants to use their work they have to request permission before they use it. The gallery owner could say something like this: It is illegal to use these images on or off the Web, sell them, or use them as your own....
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