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1st eng comp paper - Blake 1 Chris Blake Mr. Brown English...

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Blake 1 Chris Blake Mr. Brown English 100 15 February 2003 Dad, What the Hell Are You Thinking? Typical kids have their doubts about their parents. As a kid between the ages of 6 to 12 years old, I had many reservations with some of the rules my parents upheld. Why should I make my bed when I will unmake it later that night? Why do I have to go to bed so early? What’s the deal with eating vegetables? Why can’t I watch that movie? Looking back, I felt many of these rules were unfair to follow. In general all youngsters wonder why parents require these “outrageous” policies to be followed. My father, James Blake, went to school at Canisius College and continued his education into graduate school at The University at Buffalo. He was also accepted into Georgetown, but unfortunately was unable to attend school there do to the high tuition. Now my father has his doctorate in dentistry and owns his own dental office. Despite all of these accomplishments he acquired, I still felt he was ridiculous. As I progressed into Canisius High School in Buffalo, my child-like view of my parents escalated, especially with my father. Why can’t I stay out past ten? Why do I have to get a job? Why can’t I go out tonight? Constantly the two of us bickered back and forth, arguing over the stupidest things that he wouldn’t let me do. I remember one day during final exams week in my senor year a girl wanted to go eat at a burger stand with me. My Dad would not let me go
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Blake 2 because he said I had to study even though it was ten o’clock at night. I talked to my father the other day about the incident and we still argued over it. I could recall thinking to myself many times “wow I do not want to be anything like him”. One experience changed all that.
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1st eng comp paper - Blake 1 Chris Blake Mr. Brown English...

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