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Eng 2nd paper - Blake 1 Chris Blake Mr. Brown English 100...

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Unformatted text preview: Blake 1 Chris Blake Mr. Brown English 100 14 th March 2008 Size Doesnt Matter When youre On the Ice Assumptions, what are they? The definition for the word assumption as termed by dictionary.com states the act of taking for granted or supposing. In our world today, there are many valuable uses for assumptions. Economists make assumptions when creating economic policies. A football coach makes assumptions when watching game film on an opposing team. Even my mother has made assumptions when deciding how much food she should make for dinner. Humans base many every day decisions upon our own assumptions or generalizations of how the world works. These assumptions are based upon a fundamental technique of reasoning, known as inductive logic. Very similar to the definition of an assumption, inductive logic bases the conclusion of an argument upon the fact that the premises of that very argument are t rue. However, sometimes our own Blake 2 assumptions can fail us. In my case, I learned that sometimes one should test the water before making any assumptions. Throughout the many years that I have played ice hockey, I have found out that a physical presence is needed in order for one to succeed in the game. Facing off versus many players, I have seen that the bigger and stronger players tend to be more dominant on the ice. Going to many Sabres games, I saw these huge big guys playing on the greatest stage in hockey, the NHL. So logically based upon my experiences, I developed a stereotype that big people were good at hockey. Tryout week, I remember this week as one of the most nerve racking periods I had ever experienced in my life. Every year after hockey season ended, all of the travel hockey teams in Buffalo would hold t ryouts for the next seasons teams....
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Eng 2nd paper - Blake 1 Chris Blake Mr. Brown English 100...

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