Ch 1.3 answers

Ch 1.3 answers - are a score of 1294 ( = 1026 + 1.28* 209)...

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Answers to some problems in IPS5e Chapter 1 80. a. 0.25 b. 0.50. 92. a 0.9678 b. 0.0322 c. 0.7454 d. 0.7132 94. a. - 0.84 (This is the 20 th percentile of the standard Normal distribution.) b. 0.52 (This is the 70 th percentile of the standard Normal distribution.) 96. Since (the z-score for) a WAIS score of 70 is -2 standard deviations below the mean WAIS score, 2.28 percent of adults are retarded by this criterion. 98. Tonya’s score standardizes to 1.40 while Jermaine’s score standardizes to 1.29. Tonya’s z- score is higher and her readiness score is in a higher percentile. 106. The 90 th percentile of the standard Normal curve is 1.28. Thus, the top 10% of all scores
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Unformatted text preview: are a score of 1294 ( = 1026 + 1.28* 209) or larger. 111. About 31.21% of middle age men have high cholesterol levels )over 240mg/dl) while about 41.03% have levels have borderline high cholesterol levels (between 200 and 240 mg/dl). 112. a. About 0.62% of healthy young adults have osteoporosis by the WHO criterion. b. If the mean BMD for the older women is at 2 on the z-scale for the young adults, then 2.5 standard deviations below the young adult mean would standardize to 0.5 standard deviations for these older women. Thus, about 30.85% of the older women have osteoporosis....
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