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ArtHistory-Exam4-Definitions - ambulatory circular aisle...

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ambulatory - circular aisle which wraps around the apse. apse - (Lat. apsis , an arch) The semicircular or polygonal termination to the choir or aisles of a church. See cathedral and diagram . arch - the pointed arch is widely regarded as the main identifiable feature of Gothic architecture (distinct from the round arch of the Romanesque period). The most common Gothic arches are the Lancet, Equilateral and Ogee. boss - highly decorated carving found in ceilings, used to conceal the breaks in vault work. buttress - a mass of stone built up to support a wall, usually necessary to strengthen those of great height. See flying buttress. Capital - the cap or crown to a column, usually heavily decorated. cathedral - ( cathedra , seat or throne) the principal church of a province or diocese, where the throne of the bishop is placed. By tradition, a cathedral always faces west - toward the setting sun while congregants face east toward the rising sun - a symbol of Christ's ascension into heaven. The main body, or nave, of the cathedral is usually divided into one main, and two side aisles.These lead up to the north and south transepts, or arms of the cross, the shape in which a cathedralis traditionally set out. chancel - part of the altar for the clergy or choir, bordered by railings. chapels - the recesses on the sides of aisles in cathedrals and abbey churches. Sometimes known as chantries. Chapter House - administrative center of a cathedral, traditionally organized for overseeing construction. choir - the area of the main altar where services are sung, located between the crossing and the apse.
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