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NCLEX-PN NCLEX National Council Licensure Examination(NCLEX-PN)
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Question: 1441Which of the following is most likely to impact the body image of an infant newly diagnosed with Hemophilia? A. immobilityB. altered growth and developmentC. hemarthrosisD. altered family processesAnswer: Explanation:Altered Family Processes is a potential nursing diagnosis for the family and client with a new diagnosis ofHemophilia. Infants are aware of how their caregivers respond to their needs. Stresses can have an immediateimpact on the infant’s development of trust and how others relate to them because of their diagnosis. The longtermeffects of hemophilia can include problems related to immobility. Altered growth and development could not havedeveloped in a newly diagnosed client. Hemarthrosis is acute bleeding into a joint space that is characteristic ofhemophilia. It does not have an immediate effect on the body image of a newly diagnosed hemophiliac.Health D Promotion and Maintenance Question: 1442 Teaching about the need to avoid foods high in potassium is most important for which client? D hypokalemia and should be encouraged to eat foods high in potassium.Physiological AdaptationQuestion: 1443What do the following ABG values indicate: pH 7.38, PO2 78 mmHg, PCO2 36mmHg, and HCO3 24 mEq/L?
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