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anthropology small happiness notes - Small Happiness Film...

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Small Happiness Film Notes Only women work in fields. Only men take jobs and earn money. Women are tied down with children, rare that they go out and earn money. Go to fields when have free time, not like another job. Work you must be on time. Both men and women cannot work together, sounds scandalous Very inconvenient for a woman to have to stay somewhere overnight if have real job Women have 2 jobs-one inside and outside but men not taking equal responsibility Woman cannot expect men to keep kids neat and clean, quality wouldn’t be the same Mother takes care of kid Man takes off, won’t notice Long bow shop…all workers young unmarried children. Recent highway and railroad built near village. Large factories moved into the area, village started to create its own small scale industry State run saw blade factory, all workers young unmarried 1982 summer they all walked out Women worked then hired some men, men too strong can’t sit still for that long, can’t take this type of work. Stuff is poisonous; cut takes long time to heal Worked straight for 24 hours before shit developed, pay good but very hard work Women quit work and ran away 7 months didn’t get safety supplies or bonuses, didn’t get gloves, face masks, towels and soap or cash bonuses so got angry ran off to big ridge mountain. Bonus =subsidies
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anthropology small happiness notes - Small Happiness Film...

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