Maharajah Burger

Maharajah Burger - Maharajah Burger Film Notes Produced by...

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Maharajah Burger Film Notes Produced by Thomas balmes Story deeply involving India and Europe Story of mangal pande Cattle hospital and orphanage Take care of cows as children for as long as possible Then take to goshala Won't ever sell them, whether they give milk or not Veterinarian at goshala Most cows don't serve any purposes Very poor country Live off land and culture Raising and breeding cattle is very impt Cow provide with everything we need Essential to us Consider the cow is our mother Pray to them Mother is old and not able to do any work, should I kill her? We treat our cows the same Care for them until their death Indians watching video of slaughtering cows and eating the meat "boil, beef, and carrots" cow is as English as the tower of London Mad cow slaughters Burning of carcasses Slaughter of 6 million cattle Cow holocaust When a cow goes mad they incinerate it, yet they let dos live Why give them their own beds and pay people to take care of them But cows are worthless to them Why have dogs not gone mad, because they give them too much love and care? But they don't love cows Even though cows give milk Brush and pamper the dogs Sham giri Serve the cows and to follow master's teachings Indisputable that everything in the universe has a purpose No one thing is less important Humans are not most important and all things serve a purpose If cows are sick then they should care for them If they sent them to us, we would take care of them In India we don't have money but we've respected for cows since the beginning Cows are more impt than Brahmans Kissing a cow is as bad as killing a person it is a crime Love cows more than we love our own children Music video
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I'm the cowherd I tie her up and sing to her Made a song for her Give the children cow milk; it's just like their mother's milk Saint of cows Spent whole life taking care of cows Owe nothing to anyone Owe everything to cow, mother goddess Punjab when saw newspapers with photos of cows being slaughtered Mothers being slaughtered Injustice must be stopped at all costs Govt must send an ambassador to these countries to inform we are performing the
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Maharajah Burger - Maharajah Burger Film Notes Produced by...

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