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much ado about nothing

much ado about nothing - actors did a fine job doing so I...

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Theatre 112G Much Ado About Nothing Extra Credit 4/9/07 I attended the William Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing . This play was performed at the Haymarket Theatre and I saw it on April 5, 2007. This was a very entertaining story told my Shakespeare. Like many of his plays, this one dealt with the love and conflict. One of the things that I most appreciated about this story was the love that Claudio and Hero had for one another. During the play, it was as if the actors were really in love, and truly felt pain when they were torn apart. Also, Benedick provided comic relief to the play. His witty cracks about his family members kept the play humorous. Overall this play was very well performed live. It made me realize how people can act when they are in love and how the actions of one individual can ruin the lives of others. This play seemed like it would be difficult to act out for an audience; but the
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Unformatted text preview: actors did a fine job doing so. I feel that Fred Stuart did a great job getting the theme of the play out to the audience. I have seen this play performed one other time at a local theatre, and I was able to relate with Fred Stuart’s interpretation better. The story was easy to follow; however, it was easy to confuse the characters. For some reason, I kept mixing up Claudio and Benedick. All of the actors did a great job explaining the play, and when I kept straight the actors, I had no problem following the play. One of the key elements that were essential to this play was the lighting. When Claudio and Hero split, the lighting showed the darker mood in the play. This helped bring out the emotions of the actors. In conclusion, I would recommend this play to everybody. It has a strong story line, and a very shocking ending. This was another great play by Shakespeare....
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much ado about nothing - actors did a fine job doing so I...

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