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Reflection 4 - Maria Tulois-Kozak December 2nd 2012 Final...

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Maria Tulois-Kozak December 2 nd , 2012 Final Reflection Professor McMenamin, 9 am Embracing Humility: Learning to Live, Give, and Love the Right Way Humility is a “word” that I have always taken for granted. Sure, I can easily claim to be humble and move on – but how many people actually possess pure humility? How often do we completely push aside our own interests, no matter the circumstance, for those around us, family, friend, or complete stranger? To be totally self-giving, to the point where theoretically you give not only your coat if it is taken but your shirt as well, is an awesome feat. Yet, humility is an important virtue to work towards that helps us understand our relation to others and how to live. I have never in my life been as humbled as I have been and am by my time at Rosie’s place, or learned more about myself and those around me through working to be humble. Saint Augustine said that humility is the foundation of all other virtues, and that all human beings wishing to rise up must first descend. To learn to be humble is to learn to care for all, to push away our pride and realize the call of humanity to fulfill ourselves and love the right way. My service has allowed me to “descend” in a way that makes me understand my role and the right way to live. In my first reflection and my learning work agreement, I emphasized that I wished to rid myself of prejudice and learn about more about how other people live. I also talk of my own hope to make a difference in individuals’ lives. What I have learned and experienced is so much more meaningful than these initial goals, heightened by class discussions and my other smaller community of peers. Originally, I only considered learning from the people I helped, but my learning process has included my supervisors and relied on class discussion. Now I look back and I see how helping people help themselves is more meaningful than writing a check or volunteering without understanding why I do it. Even more importantly, I see my service as helping society as a whole, and not just simply helping individuals. Putting other people ahead of my own interests may seem at first like a sacrifice of my time and efforts, especially to other people who do not do service work, but
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Maria Tulois-Kozak December 2 nd , 2012 Final Reflection Professor McMenamin, 9 am actually provides a gain even greater to my own joy as a human being. Furthermore, even if I am sick, or cold, or have a paper due the next day, it doesn’t matter because I am contributing to the greater good of society, and my own little quibbles in life are inferior to what I gain from my service
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Reflection 4 - Maria Tulois-Kozak December 2nd 2012 Final...

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