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Theater 112G 003 March 8, 2007 1) What are the differences in gender roles in our time period and Two Gentlemen of Verona’s time period? In class we discussed how back in that time era Julia wasn’t able to openly dress a man, due to the punishment of being banished. Also, in that time more people in upper class society used servants and butlers around their house. Finally, the last idea that I heard somebody mention was the fact that men had more power then. This is completely true, as men were expected to go to theatre shows and women had to ask for permission. I believe that the main difference between roles is that women are now allowed to act on stage. Before, men had to do women roles as well. The gender roles are more equal and women have just as many rights as men do. 2) If you could have changed something about this production set, what would it had been why The main response that I heard in class was the complaint of the girl flipping the sign to
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Unformatted text preview: change the setting. This was a very cheap way of changing the set and caused confusion at times. My main issue with the set besides the sign changing was the way it was designed. I would have had the play in a larger area and allowed the actors more space to move around and express their character. It seemed like the actors were restricted to their space and it hurt the play. Along with the small stage, the fog machine was becoming a distraction while I was coughing continually. 3) Which character in TGV do you most relate to and why? The class definitely felt more comfortable with the lower class characters. Speed and Lance were liked most out of the class. I agree with the class, my favorite character was Lance. I think the reason the lower class was more accepted was because they were easier to understand. They portrayed their ideas through humor and the audience can relate more to that style....
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