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This is what you should know for the 3 rd Intro exam- Chapter 8- Social mobility-upward and downward Capitalists-factory owners, bourgeoisie Proletariats-factory workers Max Weber-social standing is determined by wealth, power and prestige Be familiar with the characteristics of all of the social classes (upper-upper, lower upper, middle class, working poor, underclass_ Income-money from wages, from rental property, stock dividends Wealth- all of one’s assets minus one’s debt Know the consequences of inequality on health, housing, education Absolute and relative poverty Poverty line Who are the poor? If we look at it my the number, then whites, females, children. If we looked at Homelessness info percentages of the population or proportions, then, blacks, children, and females. Feminization of poverty Culture of poverty Human capital Chap 9- Anti-slavery International suggests 400 mil people living in slavery type conditions.
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