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Article 4 Lead 101 - Jess Tilley Global Issues Article When...

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Jess Tilley October 18, 2007 Global Issues Article When thinking about or actually attending college in another country, one should be aware of diseases and risks associated with the specific area. Diseases can spread like wildfire, but there are ways to protect oneself. The first step is being informed. If you are thinking about attending a college in Asia you should know that they have the highest numbers on most sexually transmitted diseases including, but not limited to, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia. If you are thinking about going to Africa, you should be aware that Sub-Saharan areas have the highest statistics worldwide for HIV and AIDS with 24.7 million affected. Asia comes in at second with almost 9 million (www.avert.org/worldstats ). Not only should you be aware of diseases that are sexually transmitted, but also those that you can get from drinking water (Cholera) which is most prevalent in Africa with there cases estimated at 125,000 and the world’s estimated cases are 131,000.
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