Transfers of receivables with recourse d securities

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Unformatted text preview: ances >> Factoring 0514 Factoring arrangements are a means of discounting accounts receivable on a nonrecourse, notification basis. Accounts receivable are sold outright, usually to a transferee (the factor) that assumes the full risk of collection, without recourse to the transferor in the event of a loss. Debtors are directed to send payments to the transferee. >> Transfers of Receivables with Recourse 0515 In a transfer of receivables with recourse, the transferor provides the transferee with full or limited recourse. The transferor is obligated under the terms of the recourse provision to make payments to the transferee or to repurchase receivables sold under certain circumstances, typically for defaults up to a specified percentage. >> Securities Lending Transactions 0516 Securities lending transactions are initiated by broker-dealers and other financia...
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