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The old city as a way of exaggerating its value and

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Unformatted text preview: as The idea of functional segregation was spread o Separate zones for workplaces, residences, shopping and entertainment centers, and monuments and government buildings o Somewhat like "architectural stratification" as opposed to social stratification o Allowed for better planning an clarity about efficiency Monocephalic city-its centrally located core performed the "higher" functions of the metropolitan area o Seen today in large cities such as Washington D.C and Chicago Believed that hierarchy prevails in every situation, it is basically required for functional segregation to work properly o Functionalist theory Architects use their works to express different emotions and feelings o Makes people appreciate the art of architecture more "Brasilite"-underscores how the built environment affects those who dwell in it o Sort of like the cultural landscape The cultural landscape of an area can be seen...
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