Whites of poor and non poor o upper class vs low

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Unformatted text preview: ll homes Deserving poor- people with steady, moderate incomes Regulations required that public housing authorities accept only the very poor o Most accepted only "complete families" to give the feeling of the "American Dream" and distribute equal opportunity among both extremes of the social class spectrum The experience was said to make children better future citizens The Great Migration as discussed before was a major issue of public housing reforms because segregation was still in full effect and racial tensions grew exponentially Negative response to public housing led to a shift in policy and architecture that still dominated public housing today The Modernist City "An Experiment and a Critique" The new city was constructed to have elaborate sculptural properties and make a striking visual impact as a form o "Grand" architecture creates a material culture of high class/wealth o Towers over the old city, as a way of exaggerating its value and superiority over the more ordinary older buildings Formal, geographic simplicity and functional efficiency were not two goals to be balanced Formal order was a precondition for efficiency The comparison and integration of two forms of material culture, simplistic yet grand architectural ide...
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