Syllabus Spring 2008 Chem 1114

Syllabus Spring 2008 Chem 1114 - CHEM 1114 SYLLABUS Spring...

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CHEM 1114 SYLLABUS Spring 2008 FS 132 Instructors Mrs. Andrea Adams Dr. Jennifer O’Brien Office FS 321 A FS 325 Office Hours Open door Open door Email Phone (214) 768-4075 or (972) 489-3971 Textbook : Laboratory Manual for General Chemistry, Banewicz, Maguire, and Adams. (Yellow cover.) 1. If a student is enrolled in both Chem 1304 (lecture) and Chem 1114 (lab) in the same semester, a withdrawal from Chem 1304 REQUIRES simultaneous withdrawal from Chem 1114. 2. Safety glasses must be worn at all times when working in the lab. You will need to purchase safety glasses and bring them to every lab. If you do not wear safety glasses when required, 5 points will be deducted for each offense. Borrowing safety glasses from the instructor can be done, but 5 points will be taken off of the lab report. 3. At the start of each lab, place your completed homework inside your “pre-lab” (a lab report folder filled out (except for the Conclusion and Error Analysis Sections.), give them to the instructor or TA and be prepared to take a quiz. No late work will be accepted. You must score at least 5 of 20 on the homework and 5 of 20 on the quiz to be allowed to participate in each lab. If either of the grades is less than 5, you will be asked to leave, and no credit will be given for any part of that day’s lab. Those arriving late will be required to turn in their papers with the rest of the class. 4. On the homework and quizzes, you must SHOW ALL WORK. This means a logical thought process in legible handwriting, including units and numbers for all steps of the solution. Bottom line: If no work is shown, no points will be given. 5. Lab 18 is a double lab and is worth 200 points. The experimental part can only be done the week of February 25. No part of Lab 18 can be dropped, so attendance is mandatory . 6.
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Syllabus Spring 2008 Chem 1114 - CHEM 1114 SYLLABUS Spring...

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